Vine Update: The Changes You Need To Know


This week the 6-second video application Vine introduced us to its latest and greatest update. At just two years old, Vine is growing up faster than most expected. Whether you consume the looping videos for the most part, or find yourself on the production end, there are some essential updates that you must consider and familiarize yourself with from this point on. The new features you must know include:

Video Importing… any video (six seconds or less) in your phone’s camera roll can now be posted from your account. With this feature, brands and artists everywhere can create Vines after heavy editing from desktop to mobile. Instagram has had this capability since it introduced videos, but Vine managed to prosper without it. Some of the Vine community is anti-editing tools because it was unauthentic. This update opens the editing floodgates, and will possibly change those users’ opinions and content. Users can also mix and combine multiple video clips from their phone’s camera roll.

Previewing and Undoing… One of the greatest challenges facing Viners is executing their vision for a video. One mistake often caused a complete do-over. Users also had no way of replaying intervals of clips until they completed the loop. Consider that hurdle leaped! Vine now allows “Previews” for users to playback intervals before the final cut. Users that mess up in the very last second do not need to go back to the drawing board either, as “Undoing” permits users to re-record snippets of content.

Mute, Slow-Mo, Duplicate… Expanding on the editing tools, users can now mute parts of their video, as well as duplicate intervals within the cut. Both of these updates are accessible after you complete the video in Vine “post-production” stages. The update also supports slow-motion videos you save in your camera roll.

What this means for you, and brands… MUCH more control over your Vine videos. This not only raises the bar for quality content, but also makes shooting more efficient for users. Until now, brands have relied on Vine celebrities, artists, designers, and production companies to create content. We may see a shift in this format because there is less room for error with execution. Expect to see more brands building and engaging their Vine communities with posting high-quality, highly-edited, high-cost content. You may see a brand post the same content across multiple social networks, but you must consider that communities vary from network to another.

Here’s a demo from Vine of their newest features:

BONUS… In an update earlier this summer, Vine introduced “loop counts” alongside each video. This helps users better understand the reach and success of each post. With all of these updates, we will likely see more Vine content in our Twitter feeds. There is next to no integration of Instagram content within Twitter, so you certainly get more bang for your buck when creating a Vine that is visible directly in Twitter feeds on mobile, tablet, and desktop.

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