VIDEOS: Here Are The New Ads Promoting Facebook


Facebook2NewAds650With all of the work Facebook is doing to revamp the process of advertising on the social network, it also revamped advertising about the social network, introducing three new spots on the company’s page: Trip, Couch Skis, and Runner.

Four more spots were posted to Facebook’s YouTube page: Happy New You, One Friend, Photographer, and Tango.

According to Mashable, the new spots were created by Wieden & Kennedy, which was also responsible for its “The Things That Connect Us” chair ad, as well as the pools ad in that same campaign, and the campaign backing the release of Home, Facebook’s Android overlay.

A Facebook spokesperson told Mashable the spots are being tested in some markets, but only on Facebook, with no current television plans in the works.

The tag line for Trip is: From horsing around to paddling a canoe, friends’ trips can inspire your own. Where will your friends take you?

The tag line for Couch Skis is: Friends are great for spontaneous fun. And sometimes a little push.

The tag line for Runner is: Training for a marathon takes dedication — and friends when the dedication gets tired.

The tag line for Happy New You is: Here’s to a healthier, dancier, artier, funner New You in 2014.

The tag line for One Friend is: Sometimes, one friend is all you want.

The tag line for Photographer is: Remembering the big day is easier with friends.

And the tag line for Tango is: Mastering something new is easier with the help of friends.

Readers: What did you think of Facebook’s new ads?