Valentine’s Day Tips for the Tired Mom: How to Celebrate Love When You’re Exhausted, Overwhelmed and Cranky

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Valentine’s Day Tips for the Tired Mom

I remember the year my daughter was born and Valentine’s Day rolled around. She had just turned a year old and while the hazy, sleep-deprived newborn days were well over, I still was exhausted from the middle-of-the-night wakings, the daytime clinginess and the general tiredness from tending to the home as well.

Yes, Valentine’s Day, roses and all, was the last thing on my mind.

However, I realized that the cure for getting out of my funk was to actually step up and celebrate.

Since I’ve been there, mama, I get it. So, here are my Valentine’s Day tips for every tired, exhausted, crabby mom out there.

1. Hire a Sitter or Rope in a Grandparent

Start by ensuring that the kids are taken care of by either hiring a sitter for that night or having a grandparent or family member babysit them. Knowing that they will be taken care of, entertained, fed and put to bed will make things much easier for you.

2. Dress Up, Like… Really Dress Up!

That’s right. Don’t just throw on any ol’ jeans and a tee, unless it’s studded and sparkly! Instead, pull out that dress you’ve kept for “very special occasions”, choose your accessories, and if you can manage it, get your hair and nails done as well at the salon!

Don’t forget the makeup, perfume and heels as well.

You have no idea how wonderful dressing up can be to make you feel excited and high on energy as well!

3. Head Out of the House

While I’m a homebody more than anyone else I know, I cannot stress the importance of heading out of the house enough for this special day.

You’ll get some much needed, kid-free one-on-one time with your partner, you’ll get to see other folks in love and you’ll have a change of scene which works better than therapy for a tired mom.

Even if you end up only at your beloved neighborhood café, head out.

4. If Everything Fails, Celebrate at Home

Finally, let’s say, the sitter cancels, you can’t find the time to go get your hair done, and you have NO strength in your bones to be bothered to put on a dress, much less makeup. Yes, it can happen. It has happened.

If so, have a special day at home. It’s wonderful, it’s refreshing and it’s a simple way to let your partner know that you care about your relationship.

Throw on some music. Order in food. Put the kids to bed early. op in a movie. Dim the lights. Light a diffuser and some candles. Snuggle up. Sweet!

Best part, you can do this anytime you’re feeling stuck, tired, in a funk.

How do YOU celebrate Valentine’s Day when you’re too tired to think?

Prerna-MalikAbout Prerna:

Prerna Malik is the owner of The Mom Writes, a site that offers smart solutions to work-at-home moms. When she isn’t blogging for a living or running a social media agency with her husband, she’s baking cupcakes with her daughter or organizing a closet in her home.  Download her free eBooks on organizing and productivity for busy mom entrepreneurs today!

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