Using Social Profiles and Resume Sites to Rank Higher


One of the best ways to rank in the search engines is to make sure that you have a profile on some of the top social networking job sites. This includes the likes of LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and other well known sites.

The bottom line is if someone is searching for your personal name or company name in the search engines, you want to dominate that whole first page. The best way to do this is through the use of multiple social profiles and job resume sites.

I’ve listed the major ones for you below.

Creating profiles on the sites above will allow you to have multiple listings that should rank fairly easy for your personal name or business name. Some of the sites allow you to put in more information than others.

For example we can take a look at my Zac Johnson profile on, which is a resume based site that allows you to add a lot of personal information. The unique thing about is that they allow you to add a ton of information about yourself and when you are going through the writing process they will remind you to keep using your name several times in each paragraph, which helps with overall search rankings. You will also notice all of the other information on the side bars that you can utilize… something many of the other social and job sites don’t have.

Using Social Profiles and Resume Sites to Rank Higher image Zac Johnson Completed Profile

I’d also throw in that if you don’t currently have a Google+ profile then you need to create one now! Google is quickly making their Author Rank more important and once you setup an account and link it with the sites that you write for and manage, you will then have your avatar appearing next to search results. This is another great way to dominate the search results with your branding. You can see a preview of how my Google+ profile appears within the search results below.

Using Social Profiles and Resume Sites to Rank Higher image Zac Johnson Google Plus Profile

The great thing about using social networking and resume sites is that they have already done all of the heavy link building and authority for you. All you need to do is create the accounts and connect them with your other social media pages. Be sure to make profiles for both your personal name, web sites and any companies that you might be running.

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