Using Social Networks as Powerful Advertising Tools


Everyone has an account on any given social network, or two, or three, or all of them, and this is just a way of showing how addicted we are to them. No matter whether we are using them for posting pictures of cute kittens and babies, or if we are using them for some alternative business purposes, social networks are here – and they are going to stay.

They present a perfect online gathering place, each of them catering to a different group of people; some are more inclined toward business users, while others are better for the visually inclined. They cater to both genders, all nationalities of varying ages and beliefs, and offer the best way for information exchange since the development of the internet, creating connections between people who know each other, and who are yet to meet.

From all of this, we can understand what lies behind the popularity of social networks, and we are going to mention another aspect that is usually hidden from an average user – the possibilities of marketing and advertising.

This shows us the other side of the coin, where we can see enormous companies trying to expand their reach on influence even to this sphere, increase their profit, and find a more suitable way of approaching their customers in order to pitch their different products and services to a large number of people. In this complex ecosystem, the users are those who are willingly giving their personal information that are used by companies in order to present their ads exactly to those who are most likely going to react to them.

This is not a strange concept, and it exists for a long time, which is only a natural evolution of TV advertising, where each advertisement was shown to everyone, trying to target the selected group only by finding the right time frame to place it. For someone trying to promote themselves, a brand, or a product, using social networks is essential as the internet itself.

Roses are Red, Facebook is Blue

Probably the biggest player when it comes to social networks playground. Having a Facebook profile is almost like having a cell-phone number, which is something that can even be said for your business. While setting up a Facebook page can be an easy thing, the adventure does not end there.

Having a good Facebook product page can be as essential as the product itself, and most people can tell you that a brand, a company, or a product that is not on Facebook, it is almost as if it does not exist.

Instead of visiting individual websites, people grew accustomed to visiting a Facebook page, and looking there for all the necessary information, not only about the product itself, but also the feedback from others who have tried it. This is what makes this platform so popular – you can, from a simple glance, determine whether a brand is worthy of your attention or not.

On the other side, Facebook offers previously unimaginable amount of personal data about each and every Facebook user. You can, for example, select your ad to be visible to those who went to Canada in the past month, or those who have liked the Apple official page, and the list goes on and on.

Data such as gender, age, location are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what you can find on Facebook. While it is all hidden, all this is used by different algorithms in order to determine the best account to display your ad, or sponsored post to. The possibilities are endless, and depending on how well you use them, you can create a highly customized marketing campaign with a high rate of success.

Sproutsocial Facebook Ads

Twitter Efficiency

Twitter is actually considered a microblogging platform, where posts are extremely short, meaning that they have to be concise, free of any unneeded information, which evolved to have an extremely satirical and overall funny approach. If what you do, what you are, and what you offer cannot be explained in a few sentences, you will have a hard time on Twitter, but even that is not a big obstacle that cannot be avoided.

This serious platform has its own unique advantages, and because of this, it deserves your attention, time, and money in order to be fully optimized. Twitter will allow you to connect with your customers, which is basically the main idea behind any social network. You will be able to promote your own content, and increase brand recognition, turning you into an expert when it comes to your niche.

Twitter Engagement

You do not have to be a recognizable, world-wide brand in order to gather a lot of followers there; you just need to find an appropriate approach that is suited to your area of work. Like we’ve mentioned, being as interesting as possible, often funny, will be the best way of increasing the number of your followers. Creating a personality behind a faceless company is essential if you want to succeed, and this is a tip important for all social networks in general.

Twitter offers a lot of possibility of going viral, more so than Facebook for example, because sharing an existing content, or retweeting is extremely easy, and each profile is immediately accessible.

Instagram’s Bright Future

Instagram has not been considered a true social network until recently, especially for brand promoting. The visual experience sets this platform different from all the others, and the use of hashtags make it extremely easy not only to search for what 130 million active monthly users are talking about, but it can also be used to further deepen your personal touch.

Instagram gives you the perfect opportunity to show exactly who you are, what you do, and how you do it. Unlike other networks that, at least on first appearance, are extremely businesslike, Instagram is extremely personal, focusing more on creating brand recognition and promoting your own name, rather than the product itself.

This is why almost all celebrities focus on their Instagram accounts in order to post frequent updates, but also to connect with their followers in a meaningful way – and all of us can learn a lot about marketing from them.

Instagram of Rihanna - BadGalRiri

Instagram is somewhat limited in its nature because it focuses on images, but even the most boring job in the world can be presented in an attractive way if you simply have a desire to do so. Liking and commenting on other profiles will increase your number of followers, and furthermore, connecting to your Facebook or Twitter account is really easy, making sharing even more functional.

In the end, taking pictures is fun, which is why this network might be the easiest one to use, and with their own sponsored ads, it can also be a good way to start your first Instagram marketing campaign.

Google’s Prodigal Son: Google+

Google is the Internet, and those not aware of this fact can simply embrace it, and acknowledge the fact that we say ‘google it’ more often than we say search for it online. Despite Google’s influence on the world in general, Google+ is far from a perfect social network, but even this does not mean that Google+ does not have its share of users.

It is an important marketing tool for everyone interested in expanding their reach even further than Twitter or Facebook. There are more than 1.5 billion registered Google+ users, which is not a surprising number when we take into an account that it is integrated into Gmail, YouTube – and even Android itself.

This relationship gives it an advantage over other networks, which can easily hide all its other flaws and the most important one is that it offers instant indexing when it comes to Google search, and even simple hashtags can be looked up on Google search itself.

Many brands are feeling compelled to properly invest into Google+, which is why it should be done by everyone, and much like Facebook, even Google+ offers sponsored and +Post ads that can be used to effectively target your potential customers and build a community. Its seamless integration with other Google services is just a big and important aspect increasing its influence, making it easy to share content and promote your business.

When it comes to social networks, you either have them all or none. While this might seem a bit radical, it is actually quite logical. Sharing your content, creating a brand, or a name for yourself cannot be done without the help of all social networks. Which one will you focus on the most is totally up to you, based on your area of work, and what suits your needs the most, but the goals stay the same.

As the time progresses, social networks are becoming an even more important tool for creating a truly successful marketing campaign around the world.