Using Pinterest For Self-Promo


Using Pinterest For Self Promo image imgres1Images can tell a story better than any caption, but sometimes the image needs a little help.

Enter Pinterest!

Several bloggers, and marketers alike, love this social site because of its ability to curate content and help drive SEO to your website. Of course, just as any social media channel, it depends on how you use it. As a former social media marketing manager, and now full-time blogger,  I’ve had my share of hits and misses.

Below are 4 things to consider when implementing Pinterest to your marketing strategy:

Do you use awesome photos on your site?
Whether it’s a stock image or an image you shot yourself, it’s critical that you have visually pleasing images to share. Also, the image must be relevant to the link. No one likes mixed messages.

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Are you stuck on what boards to create?
It’s common to start a new social media site and feel confused as to how you’ll be able to really benefit from its use. Don’t sweat it! You will make mistakes and learn from them as you go. Take the time out to build out boards that interest you, whether it’s professionally or personally.

Are there any industry/event hashtags you follow?
The best part of social media is being able to group and track conversations about a certain topic. I’m obsessed with the art of hashtags — yes, I just called hashtags an art. It’s so easy to keep an eye on trends, news and, most importantly, anything you’re interested in. Creating a board specific for that hashtag is a great way to drive traffic to your site and pick up followers.

Is there anything you want to make easier to find on your site/favorite sites?
I already had a Pinterest board for my blog, but I wanted to push my followers to read my MomViews series without having other posts overrule. Plus, I wanted to help the moms I interviewed gain traffic to their site. I also created the MomViews board for SEO purposes.

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