Use of Buzzy: Combat your Child’s Fear of Shots [Infographic]


Taking your baby for routine vaccinations? Have you prepared your kid for what’s coming in his or her way? Is your child also suffering from injection phobias?

According to research, around 8 per cent of kids are suffering from injection phobias. There are more than 60% of kids who are scared to receive shots to some extent. Usually, all kids receive around 30 vaccinations from the time they are born. Thus, it’s important for parents to understand their child fears and take right steps to remove their fears of shots.

The first step for all parents is to understand how a child communicates pain on different occasions:

  1. Crying: Crying is common among babies. If your baby cries continuously, then probably, he is suffering from pain.
  2. Facial Expressions and Gestures: Expressions of kids change if they are suffering from pain.
  3. Verbal Communication: Kids usually communicate pain verbally.
  4. Pain Scale: Doctors use pain scale to know the amount of pain a kid is going through. The pain scale ranges from 0 to 10 with 0 being ‘No Pain’ and 10 being ‘Worst Pain’.

Parents have been using different types of pain relief measures to soothe kid’s pain like medicines, massage, creating stories which divert kids’ minds, providing emotional support, etc.  Among all the measures, distraction works best to make him or her forget pain. There are many innovative products in the market which are being launched to distract kids and make them busy with something else. One such product is Buzzy. Buzzy is bee shaped vibrating machine with an ice pack which not only helps relieve kid’s pain but also distracts their mind. This product helps in relieving pain occurring from injections, dental issues, bee stings, etc.

Such innovative products distract kids physically as well as mentally. Once buzzy is placed within 5 cm from the injection site, there are two physical actions which take place. One is the vibrations which send sensations on the pain carrying nerves. And the other is that the sensation distracts kid’s attention away. These products work on kid’s brain by pulling their attention from the pain.

Different kids have different tolerance power to pain. All that parents need to do is to take care of their child and remove their fears using physical as well as emotional measures.


Use of Buzzy: Combat your Child’s Fear of Shots [Infographic] image Taking The Sting Out Of Shots Infographic by Parents Like Us2

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