Use Hashtags to Boost Your Brand Presence Online [Infographic]


Hashtags are an increasingly important part of a social media campaign. The little symbol has gone from a simple folksonomic tag to a standard for organizing information across social media platforms. According to KISSmetrics co-founder Neil Patel, hashtags can be used to build buzz and expand your online presence.

The key is to use hashtags with strategic consistency to follow, control and identify conversations relevant to your brand. Patel suggests creating hashtags with a purpose and including those tags in the related social media posts and marketing materials.

He offers three “pro tips” for using hashtags effectively:

  • Make them short
  • Make them conversational
  • Make them unique

In addition to various analytics and other tools for tracking, according to Patel, key performance indicators include:

  • How many people post on the topic or repost your post
  • How many people follow the conversation and add something to it
  • How many people click links in your posts
  • How many times the hashtag is mentioned

Check out the infographic below for more details on how to use hashtags to boost your online presence.


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