Use Email to Get More Social Media Followers


Use Email to Get More Social Media Followers

The number of social media followers you have can be an important measurement for business growth and success. To help you get more social media followers, check out these tips for using email marketing to build your social media following.

Encourage Email Subscribers to Follow You on Social Media

Perhaps the easiest – if not the most obvious – way to get more social media followers is to simply ask. Write a short article and sell the benefits of connecting with your business on social media. Your followers will be the first to know about upcoming sales, they can ask direct questions, and they can get quick answers or additional tips. Include a post from your social media website as well as a large icon, button, or link to the site for easy access.

Include social connect links in every email. Include a soft sell such as, “Thanks for being a part of my community! Use the links below to connect with me on social media.”

Offer Social Media Incentives

Offer an incentive for social media engagement. For example, offer a “pink spoon” by sending out a blast to your email subscribers that might offer a free product for “liking” your business on Facebook or following you on Twitter. Then advertise the incentive on the social network site so that all of your followers will see it. BONUS: Host the incentive on your business’s website and you’ll get more visitors and traffic.

Send Out a Social Media Network Email Newsletter

MailChimp has Pinterest Integration, allowing you to send your Pinterest boards directly to your email list. That would inspire most Pinterest users to follow your business on the site they are already familiar with, offering your business more opportunities for sharing and exposure.

You can create an RSS feed from your Facebook account. Create a RSS to email newsletter from your Facebook feed. This is a great way to accent your regular content and get more likes on your Facebook business page.

Link Your Social Media Accounts to Your Email Signature

Every email you send out to customers, clients, vendors, partners, and whomever else should include links to your social media accounts. The links should be placed either in your email signature or at the footer of the page. The links should be very visible and obvious, allowing the user the opportunity to find you online.

Invite Employees, Partners, and Vendors

Your partners and vendors can be a valuable resource when it comes to attracting social media followers. Send a brief and friendly email asking them to add you on your social media platforms. Let them know that you’ve already followed them and will share their information with your audience as an incentive.

Use More Calls-to-Action

A “call-to-action” (also referred to as a CTA) is a very valuable tool that encourages the user to do something. This “something” can range from buying a product to sharing a link – it’s entirely up to you. Most businesses know that they need to use CTAs in promotional posts, blogs, and emails, but forget to use them in other places like “welcome” and “thank you” emails. Never pass up an opportunity to ask your customers to do something, such as following you via social media.

Build Your Email List

To build your social media following via email, you’ll need a good sized list. Building an email list will lead to more visibility (on your website, on social media, and through word-of-mouth), which in turn will lead to more customers and increased profit. Make sure your business website has a subscription form on every page. Make the process of signing up for your email list as simple as possible, and never ask a customer for more information than you actually need.

Put a Plan in Motion and Stick to It

Building your social media following through email marketing can be a bit of work. It requires thorough planning and dedication. Set aside some time to develop a plan that works best for your business, and once you implement it, STICK WITH IT! Being consistent and persistent will win the game.

By encouraging subscribers to follow you, offering incentives, using CTA’s, and linking your social media accounts to your emails you’ll be well on your way to developing a successful social media strategy.

What are some ways you’ve found to get more social media follower via emails? Please share with us in the comments.

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