US Airways accidentally tweets lewd photo, apologizes


The airline posted a photo of a woman with a toy airplane coming out of her privates in response to a customer question. It has deleted the tweet and said it’s investigating what happened.

By Matt Wilson | Posted: April 14, 2014
It’s been a weird couple of days for airline Twitter feeds. First, American Airlines had to threaten a 14-year-old Dutch girl with an FBI investigation (and then she was actually arrested). Then, Southwest Airlines dealt with a copycat.

Now, US Airways has an even stranger story on its hands. In response to a customer service request, someone at the airline tweeted a reply that included a graphic photo of a woman with a toy airplane in her vagina. Jalopnik has the uncensored, highly unsafe for work photo.

US Airways quickly deleted the tweet and issued this apology:

Many of the Twitter responses seem to be surprisingly good-humored about it, with one saying, “Don’t apologize it was great!”

Let’s see if this week can get any weirder for airline social media.


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