Up next in the non-demand food wars: Din and HelloFresh take on Blue Apron


It’s time for part two of our tournament of the non-demand food companies.

Judging by the sponsored ads in my Facebook feed, I fear that this series will never end. (I also fear some of these newer upstarts are spending way too much on customer acquisition…)

More entrants seem to launch daily, despite (at least my) concerns over just how big the market of people who know they have time to cook three nights a week but not time to shop may be. And how long people want to use these services.

After a few months of our trials, the novelty is already wearing off, and we’ve started to have to throw away food that we never got around to making.

Readers will remember the first two we tried were Blue Apron and PlateJoy. And Blue Apron– the lone unicorn in the category– proved why it had that valuation, handily winning.

This past month we wanted to try Din and HelloFresh…

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