unPAC Crowdsources Political Ad Condemning Money in Politics


unPAC, a nonpartisan group pushing for campaign finance reform, has just sent out tens of thousands of emails asking people to crowdfund an ad that targets the influence of uber-wealthy political influencers like the Koch brothers and corporate lobbies.

It is unPAC’s second such effort. The first was a full-page ad listing the names of contributors with a plea to politicians to “represent us.” The group raised $ 16,000.

The second, which the group expects to run in Ohio on MSNBC and CNN on November 1, features 30 seconds of silence.

“These 30 seconds of silence were paid for with small donations by Americans who are taking our democracy back,” a text narration says.

Citizens in swing states like Ohio are being bombarded with political advertising. One Ohio congressional candidate cancelled many of his ads, concluding that voters were so saturated with political advertising that more would have little effect.

“We’re telling them that it doesn’t have to be like this, and that ads don’t have to be like this,” said Matthew Palevsky, an online organizer with unPAC.

Polling has shown that most Americans don’t believe corporations should be able to spend unlimited money on political causes. The Supreme Court’s Citizens United ruling gave corporations the ability to do that for the first time, giving birth to the Super PAC.

Crowdfunding is a fitting method to communicate opposition to money in politics, Palevsky said. unPAC is working with LoudSauce, a crowdfunded media buying platform, to navigate the intricacies of media buys. (Users can donate through either site.)

unPAC has also gotten help from Purpose, a incubator for online organizing groups.


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