UNIX Vs Linux: a Best Practice Migration Guide


Linux is UNIX-like, but the differences can derail the ill-prepared

UNIX Vs Linux: a Best Practice Migration Guide image infographic unix vs linux a best practice migration guide


LinuxIT estimate that 65% of applications running on proprietary versions of UNIX in 2012 will have migrated to Linux by 2017.

Many tier 1 applications such as SAP have already done so.


The big three server manufacturers IBM, Dell and HP all support Linux on their hardware.

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KVM virtualisation is integral to the Linux kernel.

A high proportion of public cloud computing is all Linux based. It makes sense to use it in house and in hybrid clouds.

Organisations stick with legacy systems because change is worrying and potentially expensive. But migration means:

  • ROI
  • Expansion
  • Reliability
  • (Add) Future proofing

What’s the Problem?

Linux is often described as ‘UNIX-like’ and since the very first version it has adhered to POSIX standards drawn up by IEEE for operating systems such as UNIX.

Nevertheless there are differences you need to be aware of when you plan your migration.

Unix Vs Linux

  • Has the software vendor ported to a Linux distribution? Ideally they will be an ISV partner e.g. Red Hat or SUSE.
  • Is your target Linux environment designed for performance at least as good as your current UNIX environment?
  • Are all of the costs known for managing the Linux environment vs UNIX?
  • Will you have sufficient capability and capacity to meet future demands in the Linux environment?

What’s the Solution?

Any of these can derail a migration if you don’t have the right support. The first step is planning, and first part of your plan should be getting the right information from a systems management specialist like LinuxIT.

Discover how migrating from UNIX to Linux could cut costs while increasing capabilities. Get your free eGuide now: Open Source surgery: Migrating from UNIX to Linux

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