UmeNow Adds a ‘Donate’ Button to Blogs for Cheaper Crowdfunding


Creative network UmeNow is giving independent artists a chance to raise money for their projects with the addition of a “donate” button to its blogging platform. Unlike other crowdfunding sites like Kickstarter and Indiegogo, UMeNow does not take a cut of the donations.

Paypal does. It’s hard to get around bank fees of some kind when you’re collecting money online. Kickstarter and Indiegogo also have to charge for processing costs on top of their other fees. UmeNow is not free, but it’ll save you a few dollars.

Friends can also make a donation without having to sign up for UmeNow, which makes it an easier sell.

All the company asks is that you make your blog public. UmeNow was founded on the idea of privacy. You can post anonymously and there are no third party apps or games to collect your data to sell to advertisers. Tagging and face recognition technology are also not allowed.

But from the outside, it looks like no one uses the site at all. By giving artists a donate button in exchange for going public, UmeNow’s site will look a little more robust and the freemium service can compete with other blogging platforms like WordPress.

If you’ve got an amazing project, why not share it? The ”donate” button is not quite as slick as Kickstarter’s funding widgets, but if you want to keep more of the money from your campaign and you need a less crowded space where your project will stand out, UMeNow is worth a look.

 Image by valdis torms via Shutterstock.

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