Types of Timeline Contests – Contest Facebook Infographic


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Here’s the Facebook Contest Infographic breakdown:

Like to Win – This is a simple ‘Click Like’.  It is the simplest and more people participate. The downfall to this one is that without comments, you cannot notify the participants of the winner on the post itself.

Like and Comment to Win – This is where you have participants click LIKE, but also comment.

Comment to Win – This is the same as above, but you are not requiring them to click LIKE to enter the contest.

Like and Comment with a Photo – Here you will be asking them to upload a photo in the comments. This one is great, but takes a bit more effort on their part, so you may not get as many people participating.

Caption a Photo to Win – This is fun and simple. It makes people become creative and have just plain fun!

Fill in the Blank to Win – Simple and to the point.  Make sure you come up with a creative, fun fill in the blank so that people want to participate.

Guess how many to Win – This can be a jar of candy, a bunch of your logos overlapping, etc.  It’s a fun, fast way to create engagement and they just have to come up with a quick number.  This gets a lot of participation because it does not take the user much time.

Comment with an Answer to a Question to Win – In this one, you are asking a specific question. They need to answer it in the comments. You can offer multiple choice answers or just have them answer a question.

Crowd Source Contest to learn about Your Audience – One of my favorites. You can ask specific questions in your niche to learn about the needs of your audience or get opinions from your fans.  This helps you learn what people want for products and content.

A great resource for learning how to use these different types of contests and come up with ideas for your timeline contests is the program, FB Contests Made Simple.  It is a huge resource to help in the success of your contests.

What types of contests have you found work best for your page?  If you haven’t run a contest yet, which one are you going to try?

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