Two Years Ago Today, Ted Cruz Prayed Before the White House


After the disastrous loss by the Republicans in 2012 that gave President Barack Obama his second term, many potential candidates started exploring the potential of 2016. Ted Cruz was certainly one of them, but his prayer before the White House two years ago today had nothing to do with a Presidential Run.

Pastor Saeed Abedini is still wrongly imprisoned in an Iranian jail despite our government’s willingness to release an insane amount of money to the Iranian government. We’ve already covered why the Iranian deal is such a bad thing. Politics is politics. This is the story of two men – one who is in jail for spreading the Gospel and one who has been fighting for his freedom.

There is a lot that has been written about Saeed, though apparently not enough to get the attention of President Obama or Secretary of State John Kerry. If you aren’t familiar with his plight and the impact on his family, stop reading this right now and learn more about Saeed’s story. Here’s we’re talking politics, but a man’s life is more important than that. Today marks the three year anniversary since he was imprisoned.

If you know of Saeed, it would be interesting to see Senator Ted Cruz doing something you won’t see many candidates do. He hit his knees. He prayed in front of the White House for Saeed’s sake. This wasn’t a well-publicized event; it was hard to find a good video on YouTube and it wasn’t covered by mainstream media at all. That wasn’t the point. This was just a group of people praying for safety for one of our brother’s in Christ.

This is a stark contrast to the current frontrunner. While Cruz was praying two years ago, Donald Trump was busy with a handful of Tweets playing around with the idea of running for President.

I have nothing against Trump as a person. He has some great talking points and he’s changed the conversation in this election to tackle important issues. However, I do have something against strong evangelical Christians who support his secular values over the values of a man like Cruz. Donald Trump will get plenty of support from non-believing Republicans. The fact that there are conservative Christians supporting him is unfathomable.

Ted Cruz has demonstrated over and over again during the campaign that he’s a man of faith. It’s good to see that it’s not just campaign rhetoric, that he practiced his faith when the biggest camera shooting video was an iPhone.

Ted Cruz Saeed Abedini