Two Words That Made My Business Take Off


When I first started Premier Content Source, I faced the same challenges that many marketers encounter — I knew there was a demand for my services, and I knew I had the talent to succeed.  I just needed a way to let people know that the company actually existed!

Like many other marketers who are just starting out, my search engine rank was nonexistent, and I didn’t have any contacts to help me spread the word about my new business.  So, like many other marketers, I turned to PPC advertising.  I figured that could keep me afloat until I got my website higher in the rankings.

Sure, that plan generated some results.  Then, I saw even more results when I managed to get my website ranked on page one for a couple of my target keywords.  But I figured there had to be more to online success than SEO.

Two Words That Made My Business Take Off image Take Off 300x198And that’s when I stumbled upon two words that made my business take off — Guest Blogging.

No, I didn’t set out to create a guest blogging strategy.  I’m the first to admit that it was far less deliberate than that.  After all, “content marketing” wasn’t the buzzword back then that it is today.  People were much more concerned with links, ranks, and algorithm tweaks than they were about finding the best place to publish quality content.  Almost by happenstance one day, a contact of mine suggested doing some writing for Site Pro News.  So, I wrote an article, sent it to the editor, and when it was published, dozens of new visitors came flowing through my site’s virtual doors!

Mind you, these were much more targeted visitors than I was used to getting.  After all, I knew Site Pro News catered to internet marketing professionals.  These were the exact people I had been trying to reach for months!

That’s when it hit me.  If ONE article could generate a boost in targeted traffic, what could a steady stream of articles — on a variety of similar websites — do?  Surely, the possibilities were endless, right?

I was right.  Thanks to a few carefully-selected authoritative websites (and all of the websites that syndicate those guest articles), I’ve been able to generate a steady stream of targeted traffic for years.

No matter what niche you’re in, you can do the same thing. 

All you have to do is start with ONE article on ONE authoritative website.  From there, you can use Google to find similar sites to post more high-quality, informative, entertaining articles.  You can also use free resources like My Blog Guest and Blogger LinkUp to find additional guest posting opportunities.  And, you can harness the power of websites like BizSugar (or something equivalent in your own niche) to spread the word about your guest posts.  Before you know it, people will be contacting you to contribute posts for their websites.  Gain enough momentum, and you’ll be able to stop freaking out over every tiny change that Google makes.  You’ll be able to stop spending hundreds of dollars on PPC ads every month.

Instead, you’ll be able to TRULY establish yourself as an expert.  After all, guest blogging is the perfect way to prove to everyone that you know what you’re talking about, without hounding them with obnoxious ads or cheesy sales copy.  Use your guest blogs to share valuable information — in a way that compels people to read all the way to the very end — and you’ll be seen as one of those business owners that walks the walk, instead of just talking the talk!

Once you harness the power of guest blogging, the sky really is the limit.  So, stop wasting your time on fads and tools that offer more fluff that substance.  Instead, do what the world wide web was originally created to do — share your knowledge with the people that need it most!

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