Twitter Trends of the Week (Week Ending 3/7/14)


There are over 300 million tweets sent from around the world every day. Because Twitter has become such a major source for global news and conversations, we pull weekly Twitter trends to discover what the world is talking about. Here are some of the highlights:

Top Twitter Trend of the Week: 86th Academy Awards

Sunday night’s 86th Academy Awards did not give us many surprises, leaving Twitterers (and those around the water cooler on Monday morning) talking about pizza deliveries (yeah, that happened), mistakes made by celebs and of course, poor Leo. Leonardo DiCaprio got more than 139,000 social mentions for not winning any awards. Instead the actor won over the hearts of millions of fans worldwide through empathy. Do we count that towards a win or a lose for Leo? We saw Matthew McConaughey take home Best Actor in a Leading Role for Dallas Buyers Club, Cate Blanchett take Best Actress in a Leading Role for Blue Jasmine, and 12 Years a Slave win Best Picture of the year. For more winners, take a look here. Ellen DeGeneres wowed the audience as the host by ordering pizza (can you imagine what they tipped?) and taking the world’s most famous #selfie.

Ellen’s Selfie

How could this not go viral? It started with a simple selfie: Ellen asking Oscar winner Meryl Streep to jump in the photo with her. Suddenly other winners and nominees like Jared Leto, Jennifer Lawrence, Julia Roberts, Bradley Cooper, Kevin Spacey, Lupita Nyong’o, Brangelina and even Channing Tatum jumped in. Before you knew it, the Tweet of the selfie ended up with over 3.5 million retweets. This selfie became the most retweeted in history, and created quite a stir about the device the photo was taken on. Was this obvious product placement by Samsung… or just a very lucky move?

“Ellen was given a choice of what she wanted to do,” said Oscars co-producer Craig Zadan. “One moment she wanted to do the iPhone, the next moment the Samsung. I think it was nothing except it was an arbitrary last-minute decision, let’s go with the Samsung. Believe me, everything was given a lot of thought. The telephone was not given any thought.”


If you are on Twitter, it would be hard to miss talk of the conflict happening in Ukraine, and specifically now in Crimea. Crimea is a region of Ukraine whose population is mostly ethnic Russian and has been at the center of tensions since Yatsenyuk became Prime Minister after the removal of Yanukovych from power. After overthrowing the government Crimea started protesting, using the justification that the new Ukrainian government would suppress the rights of their people.

Russia claims they have the right to send troops to Crimea to defend the ethnically Russian population and the strategically critical home port of the Russian Navy’s Black Sea fleet. However, a 1994 treaty agreement, to which both Russia and the United States are signatories, guarantees Ukrainian sovereignty over territory that includes Crimea. Now, Crimea Parliament is asking to join Russia.

Trade Deadline

When it comes to the NHL Deadline, Twitter was buzzing as every new trade was announced. With so many teams still in contention, there were a lot of big names thrown around which made the market pretty interesting. Let’s talk about a few of these big trades: The Tampa Bay Lightning sent captain Martin St. Louis to the New York Rangers in exchange for captain Ryan Callahan and two draft picks; Montreal acquired Thomas Vanek from the Islanders for prospect Sebastien Collberg; Los Angeles Kings acquired forward Marian Gaborik from the Columbus Blue Jackets for two draft picks and forward Matt Frattin, and Roberto Luongo was traded from the Vancouver Canucks to the Florida Panthers for goaltender Jacob Markstrom and forward Shawn Matthias.


Within three days, this HuvR video had gotten over 10 million views and sparked a serious controversy across the globe. With the likes of Christopher Lloyd, Tony Hawk, Moby, Schoolboy Q, Terrell Owens and others, Funny of Die pushed these Back to the Future-inspired hoverboards onto Facebook and Twitter. The Twittersphere saw Tweet after Tweet, asking how real this video was, and more importantly, why are all of these celebrities getting together to do it? Can we expect to see a Back to the Future IV or a new Tony Hawk game?

Now, Twitter is seeing the flood of apology videos – some of which are pretty awesome (seriously, check out Tony Hawk’s). One thing we know that is true: we all wish this wasn’t a hoax. Guess we’ll just have to keep dreaming.

Mardi Gras

Oh it’s time for Mardi Gras again, and the Fat Tuesday celebration’s were in full affect this year as rowdy partiers from around the world headed to New Orleans. Twitter saw photos of beads and booze and all kinds of colorful masks from around the world while Twitterers celebrated the last few days of anything goes for 2014. Did you celebrate Mardi Gras this year? Let us know in the comments below how you celebrated these wild festivities.

Rob Ford on Jimmy Kimmel Live

There was an “average, hardworking politician” on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Monday night… an “average, hardworking politician” that also like to drink, smoke and party… someone also known as Rob Ford, Mayor of Toronto. It wasn’t long before Kimmel dived into some of the controversies in which the Mayor was involved in, adding that “many people seemed angry” that he was going to be a guest on the show. After reading a few notes from Toronto residents, the conversation turned serious when Kimmel suggested Rob Ford may want to get some help with his substance abuse issues.

He suggested ”if you are an alcoholic, drinking enough that you would try crack in your 40s and you don’t remember it, maybe that’s something that you might want to think about, like, talking to somebody.” Ford responded to the advice by saying, “I wasn’t elected to be perfect, Jimmy, I was elected to clean up the mess that I inherited, and that’s exactly what I’ve done.”

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