Twitter Group Monitoring Tool Tracks Follower Sentiment


What’s the word on the street where your brand is concerned?

With NUVI, you can find out. Instantly. 

Sentiment analysis examines tweets to show you what people really think about your business, and groups keywords based on whether they’re positive, negative, or neutral.

Sure, NUVI is by no means the only sentiment analysis tool available for Twitter — there’s Sentiment140 and Tweetfeel to name a couple — but NUVI is unique in its ability to group-monitor the followers of specific Twitter handles.

It’s basically the super-smart, obsessive-compulsive big brother of traditional sentiment analysis.

Discovering what your followers are saying about you, from the conversations they have to the keywords they use, is crucial if you’re looking to pick up on positive and negative vibes associated with your brand.

Of course, this works on the assumption that the handles you’re monitoring have genuine followers. You might want to check for spammy or fake accounts before handing over the money, but sentiment analysis is generally pretty accurate.

And NUVI’s group monitoring makes it more so.

If you concentrate on your followers, you’re getting a select pool of data that allows you to focus solely on the comments made by those who matter.

Take the animosity between Apple and Microsoft fans as an example as to why this works. Many Mac-bashers haven’t even tried the products they’re criticizing, so their input is often biased and not all that relevant.

With NUVI, you can effectively “mute” this background noise and concentrate on the people who are interested in your brand.

You can also use the tool to spy on your competitors, which is pretty sweet (and only a tiny bit creepy). By monitoring other brands’ followers, you can pinpoint the areas in which they’re succeeding. This type of insight is invaluable for targeting potential converts.

NUVI’s latest update also allows users to integrate Facebook pages into their analysis, so you can view critical data from both platforms in one place.

If you’re looking to conduct better market research and analyze the success of recent advertising and marketing campaigns, you can’t do better than this.

And hey, it’s a lot less creepy than most forms of eavesdropping.

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