Twitter Cards Get A Flashy Makeover With Audio Content


Twitter just announced a new way to integrate music and other audio content into its Twitter Cards offering. While listening to audio samples in Twitter is old news, this update allows you to listen to audio even if you keep scrolling and browse other Tweets within the app.

On top of SoundCloud’s partnership with Twitter, you’ll now start seeing iTunes links and music previews appearing in Twitter Audio Cards, and more audio content partners are coming soon. Now that iTunes Previews are accessible within Twitter Cards, it reduces the number of clicks required to listen to a new song released by your favorite artists on Twitter.

This move also represents Twitter’s commitment to expanding media capabilities within Tweets. Facebook posts allow much more flexibility and variation for publishing media and content, and Twitter is realizing that more and more. It also is an attempt to attract artists and content producers to release new music on Twitter.

We’ve seen sponsored Twitter Cards in the past, especially with the sports industry, and instant video highlights. For example, Tweets from the National Basketball Association featured a short video clip, and State Farm sponsored the Tweet. It’s part of Twitter’s Amplify program, that works with brands for advertising and media capabilities. If Audio Twitter Cards are successful, it would not be surprising if we saw similar Sponsored Twitter Cards for music content.

Follow @TwitterMusic for real-time updates about accounts using the new Audio Cards, and see the announcement from Twitter too.

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