Twitch Gamer Sara Kate Rushes To Hospital After Violent Cat Attack


Twitch gamer Sara Kate was taking a break from a game of Black Ops II when she was suddenly and violently attacked by her cat. Sara, who goes by the Twitch username Sarakateee, was talking to other gamers when she leaned back to look at her pet. All of a sudden the feline attacker lunged at her eyeball.

Kate screamed as her cat scratched her directly in the eye, and then she looked directly into her webcam as blood streamed down her cheek.

The YouTube video, uploaded on September 4, is just about to pass 100,000 views. The video has 342 painful upvotes and 114 downvotes.

A short time after the attack Sarah Kate took to Twitter to tell everyone that she was recovering from the violent act. She also noted that stitches may be required.

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The vicious cat attack went viral on Reddit and quickly spread around the webi.

Still need proof that gaming is bad for your health? It looks like mom might have been right all those times she told you that “staring at the TV all day will make you go blind.”

Kate has 35,300 followers on Twitter, and I have a feeling that number will be rapidly increasing because of her painful new fame. If you want to follow her online you can also check out her account at

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