Tweets from inside Odessa gloat at carnage


BmpP1aVCcAA3YNi.jpg_largeEditor’s note: An earlier version of this story incorrectly identified one of the tweets from Ukraine as having been written by a former USAID advisor. We sincerely regret the error.

I’ve written before about the collaboration between the US Agency For International Development (USAID) and their billionaire American allies to help bring revolution to the Ukraine.

Yesterday that revolution finally descended into full-scale bloody civil war between pro-Russians and pro-Ukrainian nationalists, leaving the worst one-day death toll — perhaps as many as 50 killed, perhaps more — since February’s revolution in Kiev.

The worst and ugliest violence took place in the Black Sea port city of Odessa, where pro-Russian activists brawled with vastly superior numbers of pro-Ukrainian nationalists, culminating in Ukrainians torching a building where pro-Russians were trapped. Death toll figures are still fluid, but the Ukrainian Interior Ministry says 30 pro-Russians died of smoke inhalation, and eight jumped to their deaths to escape the fire — a total of 38, possibly more.

Scores more were injured, others arrested, and there were more deaths earlier in the day in clashes between the two sides.

The lone Western reporter on the scene in Odessa episode, the Guardian’s Howard Amos, snapped this photo of pro-Ukrainian girls preparing Molotov cocktails:

If the pro-Russians’ deaths weren’t awful enough, the gloating on Twitter by supporters of Ukrainian nationalists has been absolutely sickening. For example, @EuroMaidan — the main pro-Ukraine Twitter handle for the pro-EU Maidan Square revolutionaries since that protest movement started last November — mocked the torching of pro-Russians by tweeting “the roof the roof the roof is on fire” accompanied by a photo from Odessa of a burning pro-Russian tent camp, torched by Ukrainian nationalists, next to the building where the 38 pro-Russians died in the fire:

The @EuroMaidan handle has 122,000 followers, including just about every journalist and political figure interested in that region. Another @EuroMaidan Tweet during the bloody events yesterday depicted Russians as cockroaches getting swept away by a EuroMaidan broom colored in the EU blue-and-yellow, with the Ukrainian trident symbol:

The Twitter-orgy of Ukrainian nationalists gloating over the mass-deaths of pro-Russians in Odessa sickened a lot of journalists and observers I know and follow, most of whom are sympathetic to the Ukrainian cause.

Here are a few examples:

Not only is this disgusting, it’s also incredibly stupid. Anyone who understands wars, especially sectarian wars, civil wars, revolutions — understands that value of martyrs. Martyrs are the nuclear fuel rods of these wars. Ukrainian nationalists should understand this better than anyone: In February, just hours after Yanukovych’s snipers massacred nearly 90 Maidan protesters, he unleashed a monster and was chased out of the country and into oblivion. That’s what martyrs do: They’re worth more than divisions.

Now the pro-Russian side has its anti-Maidan martyrs. Why anyone sympathetic to Ukraine’s nationalist cause should gloat over that is beyond me. But wars tend to bring out the stupid and bloodthirsty in people.

[Image: Euromaidan]