Turkeynomics: A Feast of Thanksgiving Stats to Gobble on [INFOGRAPHIC]


Did you know it took Columbus and the Mayflower over four months to travel 2750 miles from England to the Americas? Today you can make that flight from London to JFK in about 7.5 hours. The average Thanksgiving trip for most Americans is actually just 214 miles now, though, taking about 4 hours. Instead of a dangerous voyage by sea like in the old days, 91% of all Americans travel by car during Thanksgiving.

The average cost of a traditional turkey dinner to feed 10 people is slightly under $ 50, with your average 16-LB turkey eating up half that budget, followed by other cherished but less expensive traditional Thanksgiving items like bread rolls, sweet potatoes, cranberries, pumpkin pie and my favorite, stuffing. Unfortunately 25% of these meals just go to waste, whereas 75% of the food eaten goes into your waist line! That’s right the average Thanksgiving dinner is about 2500 calories, yet after most people eat 1500 calories in one sitting, their body releases a hormone that causes nausea. This is why you feel sick after eating too much, so consider eating reasonably this year!

The quickest ways to burn off the meal would be to take a 14 hour walk, do 5 hours of yoga or a 4 hour jog. Check out some more tasty Thanksgiving facts below: