Tumblr Takes Photo Sharing to New Widths with Panoramic Photos



Amid the battle between photo-sharing sites that no longer want to share (we’re looking at you, Instagram and Twitter), Tumblr has quietly added something bigger.

As of yesterday, users can upload panoramic photos to the blogging site. More specifically, Tumblr can store larger media for pictures that meet the aspect criteria and display them with a specialized lightbox, according to Tumblr product engineer Jacob Bijani.

In the announcement, he wrote that the new feature works with “super-wide (3:1) high-res (1,000 px wide) photo uploads.”

Tumblr’s panoramic shots fill the entire width of each blog post instead of occupying the left-hand side. Desktop users can scroll through a picture from side to side once it’s enlarged. On a smartphone, the panoramic photos look best if you turn your screen sideways.

Developers who make personalized designs for people’s Tumblr pages are also invited to incorporate the panoramic shots into new Tumblr themes with the {block:Panorama} tag, the company said.

Tumblr joins numerous other social networks in the race to improve photo-sharing services for photographers and casual users.

In December, Twitter unveiled new light filters for editing uploaded photos shortly after Instagram blocked its users from posting the photos they had edited on Instagram to Twitter. Yahoo added light filters to spruce up Flickr, while Google made Google+ more attractive to photographers with the option to upload full-size photos to their profiles, as well as the ability to zoom and pan the pictures on the desktop.

Image by D.Bond.


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