Traveling From Brazil: The Power of the Internet


Last but not least in our announcement of our SMW Travel Award winners is our speaker winner. As Jenna prepares for her event, in the southern hemisphere, another woman is prepping to take the stage this September. Today, we want you to meet our featured Travel Award Speaker, Thaisy Pecsén.

Thaisy lives in a favela in Rio de Janeiro, and that has provided her a unique perspective among our normal speaker line-up.

What made Thaisy stand out? From her experiences, she has a view of how the internet is a common connector among us all. Even the poorest families in the favela have access to a cell phone or tablet with internet connectivity. This keeps the community connected.

But that’s not all. Thaisy worked on the reelection campaign of Rio de Janeiro’s current governor. From this work, she saw the shift happening in elections. No longer are politicians afforded the ability to ignore low-income families — the internet means their voices can now be heard just as louder. And Rio’s governor focused on granting them basic improvements in education, health and transport, as well as free access to the Internet.

Free wifi connection was installed in slums before anywhere else in the city.

We can’t wait for Thaisy to fly to SMW Berlin to share The Social Web: A new voice for the residents of the slums of Rio de Janeiro.

“Since I first went to a SMW, I always imagined how it would be to be on stage, and my main inspiration for being part of this event is the same that keeps me in every social media network I’m part of: to share experiences.”

Join us in congratulating Thaisy. You’ll be able to catch her talk in Berlin here, either live or via SMW Live, thanks to Nokia. Follow her journey online at @Th4isy

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