Transparency in Contact Forms Desperately Needed on Websites


Privacy Transparency

Just about anyone who has been on the internet in the past couple of decades has fallen victim to the unfortunate fraud of contact form ambiguity. You fill out a form in order to get some information or to be contacted by someone, only to receive the wrong information or to be contacted by the wrong (or even multiple) people. It has gotten to the point that contact forms in general often leave a negative taste in web surfers’ mouths.

Moreover, they rarely have the right information even in the forms themselves. It’s common to be filling out a form and not have all of the information necessary to know if you’re filling out the right form or not. This is not only a pain, but it can be dangerous as well. Between privacy issues and the need for transparency, collecting information on the internet has gained a bad but deserved rap.

One company than we explored that seemed to have the contact form concept down is Automark. They have taken the art of building proper contact forms on dealership websites and filled them with both accuracy and abundance of data. On most dealer websites, you can click on nearly any form and get the same results every time. It’s as if they have the same form with different names to try to compel people to fill them out, though they have little intention of answering that you really want answered. It’s not the dealers’ fault. In the vast majority of cases, it’s the website provider that uses generic forms with different calls to action in order to generate more leads at any cost.

Lease Form

With Automark, the forms and calls to action are clear and useful. In the example above, you see a lease request form that is extremely relevant and transparent. The data requested is pertinent to getting more information to the interested party and it does not extend beyond the need to learn more about leasing. People who fill out the form have a reasonable expectation that they’ll get information about leases and the dealer has all of the information they need in order to get them that information. What’s more important is that the dealer doesn’t have to. The form is tied into the data that is necessary to generate the information the customer wants. In essence, it’s a set-it-and-forget-it contact form that makes the customer happy and supplies the dealer (and only the dealer) with the customer’s information in order to help them further if necessary.

As the world grows more accustomed to foul data-collection practices and the need for transparency, it’s good to see companies like Automark step up to make it better.

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