Transform yourself into a superhero for Halloween, starting with your feet





Image: Mashable

Finally, you have the proper footwear for saving the city.

Finding a Halloween costume, or better yet, a good cosplay for Comic-Con, can be both time-consuming and cash-consuming. Luckily, all it takes for a fine pair of footwear for your custom superhero costume is a role of tape (and maybe a friend).

Using colorful duct tape, some plain, flat shoes and a pair of stockings or socks that you don’t mind ruining, you’re just a few steps away from looking like a real hero.

Pro tip: Even though we demonstrated this tutorial using a on a female model, men can easily customize this for themselves with any pair of plain flat shoes that fit their feet. Don’t worry; they’ll be perfectly wearable after Halloween (or the convention) is over. Read more…

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