Toshiba’s Chromebook 2 has a screen that’s to die for




Chromebooks have a great yet short history. They have good performance with a low price and an operating system built around the app we all use the most: the web browser

Thanks to the great number of Chrome extensions and excellent performance of the browser and ChromeOS, the Google laptops are a joy to use even if they don’t run everything, but they’re often slower than competing full-fledged laptops

That’s a worthy trade-off because nothing can touch a Chromebook on price, performance and battery life.

But the low price has come with a heavy cost: lower-quality components. First-generation Chromebooks had bad keyboards, insensitive trackpads, and terrible displays. Thankfully hardware makers have fixed the first two for almost all models, but the screen on almost every one of these laptops has sucked. Read more…

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