Top 7 Social Media Sites for Teaching and Learning


Twitter and Facebook may be common nowadays and anyone can join it anytime for free, but today there are hundreds of other social media sites that help students enhance learning and teaching. In this blog, we shed light on top 7 social media sites that completely change the way you share information and communicate.

Today, Social media has changed a lot the way people share information and communicate with one another in their professional and personal lives. A lot of students around us are familiar or are on different social media sites like Twitter and Facebook, but there are a lot other sites that they can use in the classroom for teaching and learning.

1. Voice Thread

This amazing social media site allows students to share and upload documents, videos, images and then comment on each other’s posts as well as allow online conversation with your friends. In 2006, Alexander Pickett, adjunct trainer at SUNY Albany and Director of the open SUNY Center started using this amazing site. She introduces herself to her students by making an informal video of her and her family so that the students know her both personally and professionally. She by this video wants to encourage her students to start using VoiceThread.

According to her VoiceThread is not only easy to use and also students learn a lot from this amazing site.

2. Twiducate

Twiducate or walled garden is one of the best sites for students and teachers to interact with one another. You can join this amazing site for free. This site is not only easy to use, but also allows teachers to create a community for their students by using a class code instead of email address.

The teachers have full control over the community; no student can post or join the community without the teacher’s permission.

Twiducate - Social Networking & Media For Schools

3. Tween Tribune

Tween Tribune is an amazing social media site where kids can stay-up-to-date with the current events. This website develops the news reading habit in children as well as allows them to comment on these events.

Unfortunately, this website has advertisements which usually the news outlet does not have.

4. Blackboard

This is best social media site for course management systems, but you cannot join this site by your own. District level usually made the decision whether or not you are capable of joining this site. Blackboard is the most comprehensive, safe and powerful platform, but unfortunately it is not free of cost. You have to pay a huge amount if you wish to join this amazing site.

But that said, if you want the best you have to spend some money.

Blackboard provides students with the ability to stay more connected, receive immediate and important information

5. EDU 2.0

If you are a teacher and seeking to join course management systems for free then this site is for you. This site allows you to use all its premium features for free for trial, but as the trial period ends the premium features turn off automatically but still you can use the basic features for free.

If you are an average user these features are enough for you. EDU2.0 is cloud based therefore you do not require any significant investment in the storage.

EDU 2.0

6. Wikispaces Classroom

Wikispace Classroom is a private social media site with all the communication tools and news feeds. It is 100% safe as no one joins the classroom without your permission – administrators, parents or students.  You can collaborate on, assign, assess and discuss projects within a single platform. Wiki Classrooms are free of cost and can handle multimedia easily.

7. Skype

Of course, who don’t know about this amazing social media tool? Today a lot of teachers use Skype to discuss projects with their students. This is the only site that can factually bring the other world right into one single place. You can host a program, talk to your pan pals, visit different science labs from all over the world.

Social media today is used to develop the voices of students:

Today you can find hundreds of thousands of social media sites on the Internet. If use rights these social media sites are the best learning and teaching tools for both students and teachers. There are a number of benefits of using social media sites in which the major benefit is that the students learn how to communicate honestly, openly and kindly with their fellows.

Join the above mentioned sites today in order to interact with the real world and to encourage compassionate communication.