Top 7 Giant Sodas on Pinterest


Mayor Bloomberg’s plot to remove giant soda cups from movie theaters, food trucks, and restaurants in New York City has come to a head. The New York City Board of Health approved the ban on Sept. 13, limiting our sugary drink consumption to 16 ounces per serving. They can try to stop us from drinking soda, but they can’t stop us from pinning it. Here are the biggest drinks we could find on Pinterest and seven ways to get around the law.

1. Don’t Use a Cup.

Source: via Caroline on Pinterest

2. Leave New York. Move to St. Louis, MO.

Source: via Janet on Pinterest

3. Leave New York. Move to the Animal Kingdom.

Source: via Christina on Pinterest

4. Become an Astronaut. Drink Soda From Space.

Source: via Niv on Pinterest

5. Time-Travel Back to 1959, When 16 oz. Seemed Like a Lot

Source: via Kat on Pinterest

6. No One Said Anything About Drinking Coffee at Home. Would You Like Cream and Sugar with That?

Source: via Zachary on Pinterest

7. The Law Doesn’t Take Effect Until March 12, 2013. Stock Up While You Still Can.

Source: via Nate on Pinterest

Featured image by Dennis Cox via Shutterstock.

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