Top 5 Pins: Tasteful Pallets


No plans this weekend and need something to do? Tackling home improvement projects are a great way to occupy your weekends. It allows us to step away from our hyperactive digital lives and add some personal touches to our interior spaces. Wooden pallets are the stars for this week’s DIY themed blogpost. They can be easily found at any hardware store, are cost-efficient, versatile, and look beautiful in any furnished area of our homes. Make ordinary wooden pallets into extraordinary decorations for your home! Here are our favorite top 5 pins that reclaimed old pallets into amazing additions to any living space.

1. Pallet Swing
Top 5 Pins: Tasteful Pallets image o2oSfix2PXUNZZvjasFx1xY YPXBFr9jZJDKz2otmV8VspEYS7oakrpngpZvjAZ1iG978TqRwdNu89r8Ikfestyx0HUPyUeQ3ULCO6xCuaErOx1WdpBul6cwA swing is always a unique addition to your home whether it is indoors or outdoors. It can become a personal spot in your home to relax in or it can be used purely for decorative purposes. You can never go wrong with a pallet swing in your home. You might even catch yourself on that swing more than you’d like!

2. Dish Rack DisplayTop 5 Pins: Tasteful Pallets image 6VpC8NL622a Df7dSpfmgJY7nJjJG3S9vu7tBKDIBLfi CJDvKV2MNvxtaYaVatzODFZr8dsNATc5lyCA4jhMHJnH1jsxIcWrTQ1usmOjSVacUJfTVdiu7vXWe all have our favorite bowls, cups, or plates. You don’t know why, but you become weirdly attached to eating or drinking out of that specific tableware over the millions of others in your kitchen. Treat your favorite dishes right and put them beautifully on display in your kitchen by building this display rack!

3. Pallet Side TableTop 5 Pins: Tasteful Pallets image mAOyIvlgLHts9RTcLbM9GJ7kG QAtCepOvsC8K2p3mIaghIczvrY Gm9KuAPqaUDDN5c4OCnEG4Uqt asfQ4EMBqRgjKa 3bMURga9VnYskpucdcMQf2OtdJRepurpose some pallets into this stunning and minimalistic side table for your home. If you want to add some more color to this piece, stop by your local art supply store to pick up some water based primer and paint. Don’t forget to sand down your pallets before painting them!

4. Mobile Daybed
Top 5 Pins: Tasteful Pallets image e2 J9qWrorh9AbL fgSLYCKrnlcXBx1FoBNBZFAVnyjycSRKYb2IJCTNJcD H9v6k5w UaE0sLnY9zm7vB7yw KCCNFZ8rc5s0Iia2NC7jzBrDqD4JbIxxhXA bed that has the ability to move from one room to another is probably one of the greatest things your two hands can build. Follow this DIY Pallet Bed Frame and attach some wheels at the bottom to give it some mobility. Sleep in the living room, kitchen, or wherever. It’s your bed so it’s your rules.

5. Decorative Patio TableTop 5 Pins: Tasteful Pallets image QLVJP3SBfgFF99lrQrEOs1RK SiA5fPVVg4vzyGCfvmP28YgQ1RkTyosugRdzGrjpq7citpsmAwDAxijJ7IfAYQ8ZcRPUjeeST 4X3QzYDGLOYh5KZDsyqhKThe next time you invite guests over, you can be sure they will be impressed with your new handmade patio table. The crater in the middle can be used to fill with your favorite flowers, cocktails, and other decorative items. Don’t be afraid to get a little creative with this piece!

What are some of your favorite DIY home projects you have done or want to do?

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