Top 5 Pins: Cozy Holiday Home Update


Around this time of the year, your home becomes absorbed in the craziness that we call the holidays. One minute you’re dressing your home with spider webs and then the next you’re flooding it with holiday lights and accents. It can be a time-consuming and tedious endeavor, but its one of the happiest times of the year, so why not go all out? This time of year is meant to bring your friends and family closer together so make sure to welcome them back with some cozy statement pieces for your home. Get inspired by one of our top 5 pins this week to prep your home for the upcoming holiday season!

1. Apple CandlesTop 5 Pins: Cozy Holiday Home Update image k2V3xs7kzQgqK7dtxtvHzOom AOscKhKEzFNHm8ZWipUCzEoqzdrxWpjhOuspTQhheMbQXiUEUd2qbqnc xl2YtjieoLE2Po5yiFy3 gIbb c1T51TZcYmE8

Apples – use them to make pies, tarts and…candles? Yup, candles. Pit the center of each apple and fit some candles in the middle to make a nice votive for your home. Make into a unique centerpiece for your tabletop and float your apple candles in a bowl of water.

2. Knitted Blankets and Pillows Top 5 Pins: Cozy Holiday Home Update image ESdsHpWw978lYIgcUqtu0RJUB W4aWd2 eof4SvW  O0MQXnDR9MDKBfxQhhtVj W84JBavphS gbVN3uicR FlF6NoU05vLdHcLBmBuYe2sa HHYrf7ZziQ

Tis the perfect season for knits – not only for your wardrobe but also for your home. Adding a knitted blanket or pillow to your couch or bed makes for a comfy and cozy room for you and your guests.

3. String Lights Top 5 Pins: Cozy Holiday Home Update image swOLTdYrxi2L3cxR9bG4KGF0A3a9jPRxOrpMr0ADlSg2S3LBwJLn3p iZTHsjkn865XYjI7YmTu0kSXAoonFd5hZHKpbYCy J kPjOjM4Db29eZCiqyJ2Gwj

During this season, your home won’t be as lucky to get all that summertime daylight to brighten up your home. Ditch those blaring lamps and use the subtle lighting from string lights to brighten up your dimmest rooms. It’s a amiable way to add a warm holiday touch to your home.

4. Leafy Garlands Top 5 Pins: Cozy Holiday Home Update image U6gMTktraN5ad6HghV9B1tfukxbKPr rTPY B1Ay5ChCNfID 6EBki2aHDTzeL1kX2Si4adcOM8PVAyyqTCKHK5YcwyB coM54HlZPmQlX7a0lhJlXNngPk6

By now, your neighborhood is probably covered in autumn leaves and debris. There are a lot of creative DIY crafts using these vibrant leaves but our favorite was this glittered garland. The fall colors are perfect accents to decorate your home just in time for Thanksgiving!

5. Fireplace Seating Top 5 Pins: Cozy Holiday Home Update image QLwTfxIrmMrGq9qyLwTIpjJ4VhmGnsspLu1p9aj2FaGZaT cu7qAyRt0nzSri22VAHbnREA5IrRfEj9OkxGRms QIDExtFmKe2HYBJbUZnOAxJJvaQhn3QwP

For the holidays, transform your fireplace into more than just an untouched accessory in your home. Cozy up the area with some seat cushions and enjoy a warm cup of hot cocoa with your friends and family after Christmas or Thanksgiving dinner. Nothing says ‘home for holidays’ like a crackling fireplace!

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