Top 4 Ways To Experience Social Media Week


Social Media Week is officially underway, and with 11 cities hosting the conference this week, there will be an abundance of content, events, conversations, and excitement. The conference not only unites brilliant minds and industry leaders in each city, but also allows individuals across the globe to learn about new trends and innovations, connect with others across several industries, and share stories of best practices and personal insights.

This week, you can attend the conference in-person or online. Through conversations in real-time, and livestream video feeds of events, there are several opportunities to make the most of Social Media Week content and sessions. Here are the top four ways to experience Social Media Week:

Mobile app

The Social Media Week mobile app is available for Windows, Android, and iPhone. On top of real-time feeds distributing content to you via hashtags and official SMW accounts, the mobile app allows you to connect and network with others all within the app. After signing in through your SMW account and LinkedIn, you have access to a network of professionals in the SMW city you choose. Organizing your favorite speakers and events is incredibly simple in the app too. Save and favorite the events you want to follow, and keep track of the panels, keynotes, and masterclasses that are most appealing to you. And thanks to Microsoft, the app is completely free!


Interested in attending events, but can’t get to the conference in person? Many of the Social Media Week panels and keynotes will be available to watch live right on the Social Media Website. Visit either the global SMW schedule, or one of the 11 cities’ schedules, and filter the events by “Livestream” under the “Type” filter. Click the event you’d like to watch, the live-video feed is featured right on the page. Now, you have access to almost 200 events across the globe!


You can view content from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google+, Vine, and Flickr all on the Social Media Week tagboard. The #SMW14 tagboard aggregates posts and photos from social networks all in one place. You can also sort and filter for more specific content, and change the hashtag too. Tagboard creates a mosaic of content from Social Media week attendees, speakers, official accounts, local partners, and anyone else joining the #SMW14 conversation.


One of the best ways to experience Social Media Week is attending the conference in-person in the city nearest you. There is still time to register for a pass and shake hands with leading professionals and incredible speakers. Check your city’s Social Media Week website to learn more about different opportunities to attend. From mastercalsses and workshops, to panels and keynotes, you can get a pass any day this week and experience the conference up-close and personal.

We hope you enjoy Social Media Week, and are proud to host the conference in 11 cities this week! Join the conversation online using #SMW14 and local city hashtags, download the mobile app to network and plan out your agenda, and watch the livestream feeds of your favorite events. We are excited to bring you Social Media Week, and hope this week’s conference is the best one yet.

Social Media Week