Top 10 New Social Media Apps for 2015


The social media industry is not new anymore, and yet it is still exploding with growth. You don’t have to be an expert to know who the big players are: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google Plus. (You could include Instagram but it’s a part of Facebook now).

But, there is a lot more to social media than those apps, including some interesting up and coming platforms. So let’s talk about some new social media apps you need to get to know this year.


Bubble - photo sharing app

Bubbly is a social media network based in voice. Users can create voice messages. They can then edit and add effects before posting to the network. There are hashtags to add to posts and follow. Think of it as Instagram with voices. Bubbly works on any phone, including feature phones. It’s currently free.


DrumUp -Social Media Assistant

DrumUp is a social media management app that curates interesting, relevant, and engaging stories from around the Internet. It then queues them so you can share them through your Facebook and Twitter accounts. Users have the option to tweak suggestions using the themes setting. They can also approve or reject posts they aren’t interested in sharing.

DrumUp is currently in beta and free for a limited time.


Use Everyware to connect to places you want to remember for work, travel and play.

Everyware aims to replace many mobile apps by wrapping up deals, check-ins, reviews, and reservations into one app for local small businesses. For consumers, it offers a one stop shop to organize all of your favorite places and the things you do in those places.

For merchants, it offers a way to connect to those consumers. It’s currently available for Android and IOS devices.


kleek Facebook reader - A cosy and beautiful Facebook experience

Kleek isn’t a standalone social network. It’s a mobile app that piggybacks off of Facebook’s network. It’s also aims to fix one of Facebook’s major perceived problems: a crowded timeline where you don’t necessarily get a chance to connect with your core group of friends. The app shows you updates only from your close friends, while allowing you to send texts and video chat to them.

No signup required. It uses Facebook’s API. Kleek is currently available for iPhone and free to use.


Shots Mobile

Shots is a social media network that focuses on sharing selfies with users. It only allows the use of front facing cameras on phones and tablets. Users are also limited to only sharing photos taken with the app. Although users can’t direct message each other, they can reply to selfie posts with shots of their own.

One of its most famous backers is Justin Bieber, who has invested in the company and spends time promoting it through other social media channels. Shots is currently available for IOS and Android devices.

Space Tag

Space Tag, create location based tags and share them

Space Tag is a social network that allows you to create location based tags and share them with your friends and contacts. Users can take pictures of locations and add notes. Others can then find the tags when they visit the same location. The app also allows for sharing via other social networks. Reviewers have compared it to the concepts behind graffiti, without all of the property damage.

Space Tag is currently available for IOS devices.


WeChat, connect with friends across platforms

WeChat is another app riding the wave of messaging apps that will trend in 2015. What’s different about it is that it’s also media focused. It recently partnered with BuzzFeed, one of the most viral websites on the Internet right now, to deliver viral content and stories to its audience. WeChat is currently available for mobile devices running Android, IOS, BlackBerry, Symbian, and Windows Mobile systems.

Users can also access it on desktop Internet platforms. It’s currently free.


Whisper - secret sharing app

Whisper is a secret sharing app that allows users to post anonymous thoughts. Other users vote secrets up or respond to them anonymously. Users can ask questions and tell stories. There are tools to illustrate the secrets, including images and fonts.

It’s currently available for Android devices, IOS devices, and a desktop users. Pricing is currently free.


Free text, calling, photo messages and location-sharing with Viber

Viber is a messaging app that combines calls, messages, doodles, and location shares. All calls are free via the app and low cost calls to phone numbers all around the world. It also offers group chats to meet new people. Viber works with most mobile devices and on Mac and PC desktops.


Wanelo is a shopping app where users can discover and purchase products. It comes by its name by shortening and combining “Want. Need. Love.” The idea is that users can find items they’d like through their network’s shares of their own items. Retailers can claim and manage their store pages, interacting with users.

Wanelo is currently available on IOS and Android devices. It’s free to users.