Top 10 Brands – Leading the Way on Instagram


2013 is the age of visual social media – take a look at Instagram to be sure!  The biggest and hottest of brands are using Instagram to reach their customers. Most of them have engaged a massive audience who shower their love for the brand with likes and comments.  This seems to be the latest traffic-booster that took social media by storm.

Of course there are other traffic boosters including infographics and well written content as described in this source. But let’s face it; an image is worth a thousand words – right? So, dig into this new trend of visual social media like most brands and enjoy greater traffic to you blog.

Want to know how the brands are engaging people? Check out the top 10 brands on Instagram as reported by SimplyMeasured and find out the secret behind their Instagram success.  (I took the liberty to categorize brands as per their audience size).


Nike on Instagram

Audience Size: 2,673,924 | Total Posts: 625

If there’s one brand that promotes active and healthy lifestyle on Instagram, it’s Nike! They not only promote their products through Instagram, but also motivate their audience to get active. Each of their photos seems to convey just one message – “Just Do It.”


MTV on Instagram

Audience Size: 1,777,224 | Total Posts: 1589

MTV gives their fans a chance to peep inside the lives and personalities of the rich and the famous. This practice has earned them a huge number of audience and an insane amount of likes and comments.


Starbucks on Instagram

Audience Size: 1,679,263 | Total Posts: 322

Who knew that coffee can be sold by showcasing warm, happy and positive lifestyle images? That’s exactly what Starbucks does on Instagram. Rather than selling coffee they channel the spirit of their brand identity. And by doing so, they manage to engage a BIG fan base.

Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton on Instagram

Audience Size: 981,833 | Total Posts: 328

Go to Louis Vuitton’s Instagram profile and you will feel like you’ve just been invited to a fashion-show. Louis Vuitton caters oh-so-perfect images of luxury to their fans and you won’t find us complaining.

Tiffany & Co.

Tiffany and Co on Instagram

Audience Size: 890,080 | Total Posts: 488

How something so simple can be so gorgeous and elegant? You got to learn it from Tiffany & Co.  They let their rings, earring and necklaces speak for themselves. The beauty of their baubles has bedazzled all their fans.


BMW on Instagram

Audience Size: 613, 745 | Total Posts: 498

Enthusiastic, passionate and engaged – are the three adjectives to describe BMW’s Instagram fan base. No matter whether they’re highlighting their cars, some features or just two lion cubs, BMW never fails to wow the audience.


Audi on Instagram

Audience Size: 606,787 | Total Posts: 721

When it comes to capturing the beauty f their cars, Audi is awe-inspiring. Whether the car is behind a picket fence, in a driveway or above a coastline, Audi will capture the most exquisite beauty of their car.  They always come up with the latest and hottest offering from the company and satisfy their fans.


Adidas on Instagram

Audience Size: 599, 598 | Total Posts: 282

Bright colors, retro- throwbacks and fresh designs are the show stealers for Adidas. With each photos, Adidas channels the energy that the brand represents.

Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren on Instagram

Audience Size: 473, 324 | Total Posts:  1032

Great clothes meet opulent setting – that’s the Instagram success mantra for Ralph Lauren.  Paris, red carpets, or games act as the canvas for Ralph Lauren’s Instagram photos, which ooze the ultimate expression of luxury.


Mercedes Benz on Instagram

Audience Size: 471,985 | Total Posts: 1401

Mercedes-Benz has a cutting edge Instagram presence – showcasing a new model, steering wheel or feature.  Their photos are always gorgeous.  They have a dedicated and loyal audience, who make Mercedes-Benz the most engaging brand on Instagram.

All these Instagram accounts are based on a simple logic – give your audience something they love and they will reciprocate the love through likes and shares.