Today’s Cloud-Connected World Demands a New Approach to Business Security


As more people stay connected to work through mobile and cloud technology, traditional internet securities are no longer effective. Businesses are now faced with securing and safely managing data across an array of access points and devices. In the infographic below, Ping Identity shows how this is causing a $ 6B identity management industry to transform into a $ 47B market opportunity, as Next Gen Identity security is expected to grow nearly 7x in 2014.

With perimeter-focused traditional security, there are gaping holes when employees use mobile devices to log into corporate systems, click on malicious links that let hackers bypass the network, or access corporate networks via unsafe networks while traveling to foreign countries. As the number of data breaches and attacks are on the rise, CIOs are searching for new ways to protect their corporate data while still allowing remote access to keep productivity high. Next Gen Identity is the answer.

Today’s Cloud Connected World Demands a New Approach to Business Security image Ping Identity Connected Enterprise

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