To-Do List for Social Media Managers [INFOGRAPHIC]


Want to know what the to-do list of a successful social media manager looks like? Here’s an infographic based on Sprout Social’s Darryl Villacorta’s to-do list. It’s broken down into daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly tasks.

Michael Patterson, also of Sprout Social wrote an article in which he explained the tasks in detail.

So what should a social media manager be doing on a daily basis?

No. 1 task: Respond to inbound social messages. “Social media is quickly turning into one of the most popular channels for customer support, so it’s key to engage with the customers who are proactively reaching out to your brand,” writes Patterson. “These days, ignoring customers on social media is similar to ignoring the phone ringing when they call your help centers.”

No. 2 task: Monitor and respond to brand mentions. Use a social media monitoring tool to make sure you pick up on all the conversations happening about your brand, even those that don’t tag your brand.

No. 3 task: Create conversations with brand advocates. “Most brands out there have outspoken fans that they can rely on to provide some solid word-of-mouth marketing and brand advocacy,” writes Patterson. “Think through some of the folks who frequently mention your brand positively, or those who share your content, and engage with them in order to bolster that relationship.”

No. 4 task: Find and engage with potential customers. What keywords might people be using that indicate that they are looking for a product or service like your brand’s product or service? Listen for those terms to find potential customers, then engage with them.

No. 5 task: Research the social media industry. “Social media is one of the most dynamic industries out there today, and if you don’t keep up, you can easily get left behind,” writes Patterson. “Always keep an eye out for new networks to utilize or techniques to employ.” That’s what websites and communities like Social Media Today are for!

No. 6 task: Load your social editorial calendar. Schedule your social media posts using a tool like Sprout Social or Hootsuite. I use both.

No. 7 task: Post three to six times on Twitter.

No. 8 task: Post one to two times on Facebook.

No. 9 task: Post two to three times to Google+, Instagram and LinkedIn.

No. 10 task: Study your products and services. “Some of the most frequent questions social media managers receive have to deal directly with the products or services their brands offer,” writes Patterson. “While it’s possible to assign these social messages to a salesperson or someone more apt to respond, it’s easier to be able to answer it on the spot.”

No. 11 task: Monitor the competition. How are your competitors communicating via social media? What are they doing that you should also do?

No. 12 task: Work on a blog post. “Most social media managers speak on social media as their brands, which makes it tough to get their own names out there. See if your company will let you write your own blog posts,” writes Patterson. “This will help you grow as a content creator, and it gives you something tangible to take credit for. Plus, you have a ton of great knowledge that other people can benefit from.”

To read more about the longer-term tasks in the infographic, see Patterson’s article here

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