Tired Of Local Networking Events? Try Linkedin


Tired Of Local Networking Events? Try Linkedin image ID 10046978 300x199.jpgAre you looking for a change from traditional networking events?

Consider Linkedin Publishing

No that is not a misprint. Linkedin Groups are fine but Linkedin Publishing is where the action is. This platform is the new place where people are connecting with people through written content and comments. By the way the comments are great because they actually come from professionals in the workplace.

It is the place to connect people with their specific companies and ideas, all in one place with a matter of clicks. Nothing quite like it on any other social media site.

The Value of Linkedin Publishing (Company/Professional Brand)

I recently wrote an article on Linkedin Publishing Platform, entitled Stop Engaging on Social Media, and one comment really stood out for me.

Brent, the effectiveness of social media and appropriate strategies vary enormously by industry (esp. B2C vs B2B). 99.9% of people reading this article are not in the market to have their soil tested by Midwest Laboratories, not matter how engaging you may be. ~ Brendan McInnis

Brendan was right on. If someone wants to know more about the company I work for, that is great, but when I write blog articles on Linkedin, I am writing from a particular view point and I want input from people.

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Use Linkedin to Connect People with their Company Brand

Even though Brendan’s note is correct and some people may feel that is a negative, the fact he posted the company I work for and a service that company provides with his comment, tells me that he was checking out my profile and he was tying my profile to an actual company. This is where the value of your personal brand can magnify itself and actually help promote your company brand

Think of all the friends you have made outside of your workplace like conferences, networking events, your church, your childrens’ school. It’s hard enough to remember people’s names, but when you connect them with their workplace, you make a deeper connection and you start recognizing the person and the company brand more and more.

The same is true on Linkedin. It’s not just about connecting with people, you should be learning where these people work and who they are connected to with respect to their industry, company, past education – college and location, (city, state, country)

People connect with People on Linkedin

A number of articles are written today which speak to the fact that companies are boring and have no personality. This is the case. When was the last time you really connected with a company because of its brand or its superior products or service? Was it really the company you were connected to or the people at the company? For me, it starts and ends with the people at the company. If you find a good representative on the inside of a company, don’t you feel like you’ve actually won something.

Isn’t it cool when you connect with someone at a company who shares with you something incredible that the company is doing. These same contacts also know you and your business and often reciprocate the favor. This is what connecting is all about.

The coolest events for people who have learned a bit about another person and their company is when that discussion and meeting finally happens in person. It’s happening a little bit more each year for me. It takes a lot of work to keep connected online or through email with someone you rarely see, but if you can maintain a network of these people, and I would highly suggest Linkedin as the place to do this, you will see results as you grow professionally and as you bring more awareness to your company.

Linkedin Publishing – Are you taking advantage of this opportunity?

Connecting on Linkedin has never been easier. Linkedin has Groups which people can be a part of, but I would encourage you to use Linkedin Publishing. It is simply a blogging platform to share your views with others. It gives people a chance to learn more about people and their views on various work and pleasure topics. It’s where people are going to meet and comment. Check it out and get involved more on Linkedin.

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