Tiger Farming: Trading in Extinction [Infographic]


It was International Tiger Day yesterday so the people at the United Kingdom animal welfare charity called the Born Free Foundation launched an infographic to make people aware of the barbaric captive-bred tiger farms in Asia and the bleak future for wild tigers which could soon become extinct.

There are over 6,000 captive tigers in Asia, many of which are malnourished and kept in cramped unnatural conditions and the Worldwide wild tiger population is now estimated to be as low as 3,000. Some species of tiger such as the Caspian and Javan are already extinct and the South China and Sumatran tigers are critically endangered.

The tiger farms in Asia are not breeding the tigers for conservation, they are breeding them for commercial purposes. The cruel tiger farmers are breeding these tigers for 3 main reasons: trade in parts, products and entertainment.

Here is the hard hitting tiger farming infographic for you to read. Please do your part to help the endangered wild tigers by sharing this infographic with your friends on Facebook, Twitter and Google plus.

Tiger Farming: Trading in Extinction [Infographic] image 1 tiger 600

Read the news article to go with this infographic at the Born Free Foundation website.

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