Through the Eyes of a Participant: Our Travel Award Winner


Last week, we announced our SMW Travel Award winners and introduced you to Jenna Bond. As Jenna prepares for her event, in another city, Scott Shigeoka is prepping to bring a flavor of the district to India.

DC resident Scott will make the trek to Mumbai. There he’ll be documenting his entire experience and getting local perspectives. From video to social, Scott has numerous ways you can share in his journey, making him a great SMW Travel Award Participant.

Using his background in journalism, Scott will interview SMW Mumbai participants, inviting them to reflect about a recent workshop or about their experience as a whole via video. Once he returns to the US, we’ll get to see his craft with his piece, “Through the Eyes of a Participant.”

You’ll also be able to keep up with Scott on our global blog. He’ll feature sound bites from workshops, quick interviews with other participants and photos from the events. This is in addition to his nightly #SMWchats. Each night, you can join Scott on Twitter for #SMWChats, which will focus on a different topic related to social media.

“While some critics believe social media has hindered our ability to connect on a human level, I believe it provides the opportunity for more people to engage in dialogue and connect with others around the globe. Not only that, but these relationships can be measured; stories can be captured and shared to a global audience instantly. I’m ecstatic to be attending the debut Social Media Week conference in Mumbai. I’m humbled to work with them to not only share their stories to the rest of the world, but to create an intentional program that connects them with peer entrepreneurs in Washington, D.C. to promote cross-cultural dialogue and meaningful global friendships–that’s what Social Media Week is all about.”

Scott’s bringing an interactive way for us all to share his journey, and we can’t wait to hear how it all goes. Join us in congratulating Scott. Follow his journey online at @scottshigeoka.

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