This Year, Pinterest Wants You to Practice What You Pin


After 30 days of inspiring pinners with holiday ideas from celebrities and brands, Pinterest is ringing in the new year with a new board and a new challenge for users: to actually make or do something that you pin on Pinterest.

While the virtual scrapbook is great for collecting professional photos of beautifully sculpted baked goods and perfect homes, critics have grumbled (and even fans have to admit) that the site creates standards of perfection that are hard to live up to in real life.

In December, Pinterest launched its “30 Days of Pinspiration” project, creating a virtual advent calendar of ideas for real-world projects and gifts from familiar stores like Michaels and Anthropologie.

Popular pins came from a variety of sources, including Katie Couric, Brit Morin, Budget Savvy Diva, and even the Marines.

To inspire users to keep the momentum going after the holidays, the Pinterest team asked users to submit “one thing they wanted to do just for themselves in 2013.” They’ve compiled the best ideas on a new board entitled, “The Pinterest Challenge.”

“Pinterest is all about finding inspiration to do things in your day to day life,” explained Pinterest’s Annie Ta. “These goals ranged from things as simple as spending time with family to more complicated things such as building a motorcycle. Whatever it is, we encourage pinners to take the challenge and simply take the time to do one thing from one of their pins this year.”

We’ll be crossing our fingers for @Carla Alonso, who “just wants to pet a penguin.”

Image by BMJ.

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