This Scientist Helped Save New York’s Subway From Superstorm Sandy




The water just kept flowing. It streamed through the streets of lower Manhattan, pouring into subway entrances, cascading into ventilation grates and pooling inside tunnels.

When Superstorm Sandy hit New York a year ago, it caused a massive, 14-foot storm surge, the likes of which the city had never seen. Nine out of the 14 subway tunnels beneath rivers around the city flooded, and the subway was shut down for days. But the Metropolitan Transit Authority took precautions to head off the worst impacts, experts say.

Before the storm hit, the MTA moved its trains out of flood-prone areas, and took out the electric signals in the tunnels. The tunnels flooded. Afterward, subway workers pumped the water out, and replaced the electric signals. Within a week, 80% of subway service had been restored, newspapers reported Read more…

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