This NFL player is trying to become an Uber driver




Miami Dolphin’s defensive lineman A.J. Francis is looking to make a few extra bucks this off-season.

The 24-year-old, who made $ 316,000 last season, revealed that he’d applied to the rideshare company with a series of tweets on April 22.

Just applied to be an @Uber driver… I hope my background check goes well.

— A.J. Francis (@AJFrancis410) April 23, 2015

People ask me why would you want to be an @uber driver if you play in the NFL… You know what’s better than NFL money? More money.

— A.J. Francis (@AJFrancis410) April 23, 2015

.@Uber can Yall hurry up and accept me as a driver so these people saying I already am one can at least be factually correct lol

— A.J. Francis (@AJFrancis410) April 23, 2015 Read more…

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