This Is What Would Happen If Social Media Picked Primetime Emmy Winners


The biggest problem with awards ceremonies like the Oscars, Grammy’s and Emmy’s, is that winners are chosen by a select group of industry insiders who are easily swayed by actor and singer campaigning. But what would happen if social media users chose who took home those awards?

The team at Viralheat analyzed millions of social media sentiments to determine which shows, actors, and actresses deserved to win Primetime Emmy awards, based on fan feedback.

The social platform company examined Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube and blog data that was posted over the weekend.

If Emmy winners were chosen by social media sentiment, these would be our big winners on the night:

  • Best Drama Series: Game of Thrones
  • Best Comedy Series: Orange is the New Black
  • Lead Actor – Drama: Bryan Cranston
  • Lead Actress – Drama: Kerry Washington
  • Lead Actor – Comedy: Ricky Gervais
  • Lead Actress – Comedy: Taylor Schilling

Here’s an infographic that explains the numbers based on social sentiment. (Click To Enlarge):

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Unfortunately the fans who actually watch popular and groundbreaking shows, do not have the power to determine the winners who actually deserve the win. For now our only option is to watch the Primetime Emmy’s and then complain about the results the next morning.

Do you agree with ViralHeat’s social media outcomes for Primetime Emmy wins?

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