This App Shares Your Daily Story With Emoji


The former Chief Scientist of Twitter, Abdur Chowdhury, has released a new mobile, emoji-based, social app called, “Steven“. Inspired by a game where users collect emoji based on daily activities, Steven is a way to automatically share with friends your day-by-day activities and moments. Chowdhury says, “It’s a great news channel, you can see all the highlights from people’s lives, but you really don’t have those deeper conversations with your friends and family anymore.”

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According to Steven’s FAQ page, features of the app include: adding friends, automatic location-based emoji updates, sharing photos and photo-stories, and sending reaction emoji to friends’ photos. Steven posts updates without you doing anything, so users can go back in time and re-live their day solely through emoji. It adds a fun twist to daily journaling that’s not quite text, and not quite photos, and the more you use Steven, the more accurate it gets.

So, if you’re an emoji super fan, or just can’t seem to bring yourself to journaling each day, give Steven a try. You might even learn a thing or two about your daily habits, and even see what you spend the most time doing.

Social Media Week