Think You Tweet Stuff Worthy Of Notice? This Account Will Decide!


The Twitters are on the lookout for user-generated content to feature on their website, in videos and on Youtube. Are you cool enough to rate a mention? And just imagine the free publicity you’d get from that.

Unfortunately, you can’t nominate yourself. If Twitter wants to feature your content, you’ll get a tweet from @TwitterNotify telling you so.

As it stands, they’ve yet to tweet anyone – and it’s hard to say whether they’re very picky or very new.

Anyway, before you go on a tweeting frenzy, let’s think about what they might be looking for.

We know from the Help Center that tweets, photos, Vines and videos are all eligible, but that doesn’t really narrow it down. At all. But common sense suggests it’s likely to be things that capture the essence of Twitter or show off its features.

Nothing’s certain at this stage, but Twitter will naturally want to portray itself as a useful, social, civilized platform — with the media becoming more and more interested in Twitter trolls, Twitter needs to paint a particularly good picture of itself.

What makes a “good” tweet is open to debate. If you’ve ever accidentally stumbled into the Favstar part of Twitter, you’ll see that trying-too-hard, made-for-Twitter jokes about being single are favorited and retweeted literally thousands of times a day.

These tweets may perform well on paper, but it’s highly unlikely that Twitter will use them in their promotional material.

The same goes by a lot of things posted by celebrities. Twitter will probably be looking for genuinely good content — after all, Twitter wasn’t designed as a popularity contest.

When it comes down to it, funny Vines, informative tweets, the latest viral cat videos and pictures taken on cellphones (Twitter loves parading its mobile compatibility) are probably going to be the ones they pick.

For a heads up, follow @TwitterNotify — once they start tweeting, we should have a good idea as to what they’re interested in.

Do you have a guess?

(Image from Twitter Notify)

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