Things Virtual Reality Will Change Forever


Things Virtual Reality Will Change Forever image Virtual reality

Where exactly virtual reality will take us remains to be largely an undermined mystery. However, with Facebook’s acquisition of virtual reality company Oculus Rift for $ 2 billion, we can only imagine that things will be very promising.

There are many people, some of who are very wealthy, who are confident that virtual reality will take off in the near future. In addition to Facebook, other major tech companies such as Apple and Google have also showed interest in virtual reality, but what does that mean?

Gaming is continuously evolving as new technology emerges. Oculus Rift itself is meant to be a gaming platform, which is unlikely to change under Facebook. Sony also revealed Project Morpheus, a virtual reality rival to Oculus.

Plunging into a realistic 3D immersive virtual world would surely change the way we experience gaming forever.

There’s no doubt that Facebook has bigger plans for Oculus Rift’s technology outside of gaming. The company strives to stay on top as the biggest social company ever and wants to cement its place in our lives.

Facebook could possibly use technology from Oculus Rift to make a Google Glass competitor. Whatever it does, it’s sure to involve some social aspect to it.

You also have home entertainment, medicine, and education, which could all be significantly disrupted by virtual reality. It will be exciting to see how virtual reality becomes interconnected with our lives in the future.

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