These Amazing People Risked Their Lives To Save Animals


When animals were in danger of losing their lives, these brave people risked their own lives to make sure their furry friends, and even some wild animals, made it to safety.

One guy jumps in raging waters to save a huge black bear, while in another incident, two young boys use team work to save a dog from a water reservoir.

The human spirit can be pretty amazing when people jump into action, and these people prove that there is still good reason to cheer on humankind.

1. This baby deer was about to drown until this young boy saved them.

2. Professional MMA fighter Cathal Pendred single-handedly saved a beached Dolphin.

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3. This Kangaroo was going to be washed away until this guy saved them.

4. A brush fighting firefighter saved this Koala and rehydrated it with a bottle of water.

5. A Police officer walks with ducks to save them from a car accident.

6. This Porpoise ended up in a rice field after a flood.

7. This Girl braved water almost over her head to save her puppy.

8. This scared bear ran into flood waters after being tranquilized. Biologist Adam Warwick jumped in the raging waters and saved the wild animal.

9. This dog was saved after a major flood in Indonesia.

10. Some brave bystanders saved this Fox from a flood.

11. These boys saved a baby lamb from a colossal flood.

12. During the battle of Okinawa during World War II these soldiers nursed a baby goat back to health while fighting the Nazi’s.

13. Saving Kittens from rising flood waters.

14. These boys use teamwork to save a scared dog from a water reservoir.

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