These 8 Profile Tips Will Help You Get The Most Out of LinkedIn


When you think about LinkedIn, the first thought is that it’s your online resume or CV or portfolio. While it is true that your profile is pretty much a resume or CV, in reality, LinkedIn is much more. It’s a place for networking, finding jobs, creating partnerships and discovering new opportunities.

Even if employers don’t find you on LinkedIn, chances are they will look at your profile to see what you say about yourself, and what others say. Another plus for LinkedIn? If an employer searches you on Facebook, they might look for negatives and reasons not to hire you, whereas on LinkedIn they will go to get reassurance and see if you have any professional contacts in common, relevant experiences, and much more.

1. Opportunities Find You

The most valuable aspect of LinkedIn is that many times these opportunities will find you. In order to turn your LinkedIn from just another profile to an opportunity machine follow these steps:

2. Keep it professional

Make sure you get your grammar right & spellcheck. Some employers will actually take that into account.

3. Update Your Professional Headline

Titles are super important, they not only let people know what you do but act as keywords for people searching. Many HR managers for example will search on LinkedIn for specific job descriptions; make sure your job titles and your profile title have the right keywords in them.

4. Show Your True Self

Just like your resume, try to make it interesting, highlight your value points, try to show your personality

5. Recommendations

Ask your past employers to provide you with a LinkedIn reference, unlike the ones you get printed and only send to employers, these are out for all to see and will promote you even when you are not looking to be promoted

6. Be Open To Connect

Let people know you are approachable, many LinkedIn users will write something along the lines of ”Let’s Network” or “Feel free to send me a message” in the profile section.

7. Sort Wisely

Arrange your page by importance, not many use this feature but LinkedIn profiles can be arranged by dragging each section up or down. If your education is stronger than your work experience for example, simply drag your education section above the work experience one

8. Be Active

Join Groups related to your industry and take part in conversations, people will appreciate your insight and you never know who is looking
Take it up a level by creating a group of your own and writing posts.

While LinkedIn reserves its “InFluencer” status for well… influencers you can still write posts and share them on your profile, Status updates and groups.

LinkedIn is for the most part a free platform, it is packed with professionals on all levels and from every company on the globe, regardless of what you currently want to achieve, there is much to gain by improving your profile and getting in on the action, the opportunities are all there you just need to reach out and put some effort in.

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