The World’s Largest Vessel Is Bigger Than the Empire State Building




The world’s largest vessel just set sail off the coast of South Korea.

The Prelude is 1,601 feet long — that’s 150 feet longer than the Empire State Building is tall. Owned by Shell, the vessel’s massive size has earned it the title of largest object currently afloat

The bright red vessel weighs 600,000 tons and is 243 feet wide, according to Wired.

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Chart detailing the length of the Prelude in comparison to other buildings.

Construction of the Prelude, which has three engines that pack 20,100 horsepower, took a full year to complete.

So how does Shell plan to use the mammoth vessel? It will be a floating liquefied natural gas facility, where natural gas will be harvested from the depths of the ocean, processed on board and transferred to transport ships waiting in the seaWired reported that the Prelude will produce 3.9 million tons each year. Read more…

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